About Us

We provide testing services to companies within the flat glass, windows and doors industries, as required by the certification schemes which ER Certification is involved with.

Our test laboratory was set up by our sister company, ER Certification Ltd., but operates as a separate company. We own and operate the test equipment, with reporting via a co-operation with TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V, the Dutch arm of one of the largest certification & testing bodies in the world. We are accredited through TÜV NL by RvA, the Dutch National Accreditation Body. The laboratory is located in Leigh, Lancashire to allow easy motorway access for clients not only in The North & South, together with those in Ireland & Northern Ireland. Both ERC Testing and ER Certification operate with a team of dedicated individuals, who all have real hands-on expertise of our target sector of flat glass, windows & doors sectors.

ER Certification was set up in 2009 to initially provide certification, under its UKAS Accreditation (4585), to companies wishing to join the BFRC Window Energy Rating Scheme. It later added to its scope of certification to allow the introduction of its own certification schemes to various relevant European Standards and to meet the requirements of the Secured by Design scheme. In UK and Ireland, ER Certification conducts audits on behalf of TÜV Rheinland. It also conducts audits across Europe on behalf of AMS Inc, an American certification organisation which supports various North American schemes within the flat glass, window and doors market.

Our main functions include

Testing of safety glass (toughened & laminated) eg EN 12150, EN 12600
Weather testing of windows & doors eg EN 1026, EN 1027, EN 12211, BS 6375, etc.
Enhanced security testing of windows & doors eg PAS 24


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